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Restaurant dinners in Parma

Dinners at restaurant in Parma

The dinners at our restaurant in Parma are tinged with elegance and magic thanks to the extraordinary location of the Castle of Felino.
The ancient walls of the dwelling still continue to host lavish or romantic ceremonies and intimate dinners a few kilometers from the city center, in a space that can accommodate up to 150 guests.
Dinner at this lovely restaurant in Parma are enhanced by the fine cuisine of the restaurant "Locanda della Moiana", whose name derives from the ancient bronze bell that warned the county in case of danger and which is still preserved inside the structure.
The watchword is "tradition", well-proved by the culinary excellence of the parmesan territory, enriched by influences that come from the sea and distant lands, so to create a perfect synergy between past and future.
The food is cooked with flair and passion by our chef Damiano Piccolo. It is accompanied by a wine list that ranges from traditional DOC Colli Parmensi to the most renowned Italian and foreign products.

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