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Museums Parma

Museums in Parma

The museums of Parma represents the ideal approach to the many testimonies that past has left us. They boast a precious burden of history, culture and art.
A priceless knowledge, also due to the close passage of the Via Francigena, which saw the construction of real masterpieces, such as the Duomo or the Baptistery of Parma.
Middle Ages and Renaissance have given a so evocative and full of inspiration testimony. Extraordinary museums that preserve and show their glory also from outside. At the first place numerous impregnable castles rich in treasures and works of art.
Many signs in the area can be included in the cultural itineraries, such as castles of Felino and Torrechiara, Pillotta Palace (where nowadays the National Gallery is located), Farnese and Regio theaters, Verdi's lands with the house in Roncole.

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