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Restaurant dinners Parma

Restaurant for dinners in Parma

Typical restaurant for dinners in Parma, the "St. Barnabas" is a culinary corner that perfectly fits in the strongest culinary  traditions of the region. Ideal for business launches and dinners, as well as to spend evenings with friends while tasting a good food. 
This restaurant offers dishes as anolini soup, herb tortelli parmigiana, lazzarini tagliatelle, appetizers,  meats and sausages as
absolute protagonists on the second dish and some delicious seafood creations.

Piuhotels Group offers other two  different Restaurant's choices.
Porfirio Arte e Cucina Restaurant an ideal place to taste traditional food with creative touches and Locanda della Moiana the Felino Castle's Restaurant, a traditional restaurant where you can discover the best of a traditional italian and regional food.

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